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MV Shoes

We MVShoes is a fifteen year old Safety shoes manufactures in india offering world class safety shoes at affordable cost. Being one of the leading exporters of safety shoes in India we know what people expect from us. We maintain international quality standards. With more than fifteen years of experience in safety shoe industry we know the importance of safety in hazardous industrial environment. We have helped more than 1000 companies to equip their work force with our high our high quality safety solutions. If you are an industry looking for safety solutions for your work force then dont hesitate, just call us, we would offer you complete solutions to safe guard your work force. We have a well established and flourished sales network around India and world to cater the needs of the customers.

Safety Shoes Exporters

Hi, Looking for international quality safety shoes, Then MVShoes is the right answer

We MVShoes are one of the leading Safety Shoes Exporters in India, we have exported safety shoes to more than twelve countries in the span of ten years. With more decade of experience in handling bulk orders for exports we know what is expected from us. We maintain strict international quality for exports orders. We have all latest equipments and highly skilled work force to take care of your bulk requirements and deliver the products on time. Currently our factory is producing 5000 pairs of shoes each day and we are very much interested in increasing our production according to your requirements.

Quality Promise

We are quality driven safety shoes manufacture with more than fifteen years of experience in safety shoe industry. We maintain a strict vigil in quality standards from procuring raw materials to the final finished footwear. We carefully analyze every thing from the raw materials to tools used to manufacture the safety shoes, ensuring that only the best shoes reach our customers feet. We continuously strive for offering high quality products with zero defects. We have a separate research and analysis division to constantly improve our products to meet our global requirements. We know quality will win more customers in long run so we maintain strict quality for our safety shoes.

Why Safety Shoes?

Foot injuries are common and can be fatal in industrial environment and this can be taken care off with right protective safety shoes, safety shoes are the right way to safe guard your beloved employees feet. Once you provide them safety they would work stress free. A safety shoe can save the employees feet if accident strikes. Safety shoes are a great investment in protecting your valuable work force and if something fatally happens to them can disrupt your productivity and growth of your company. When you are depended on production then it is a best decision to provide right safety shoes for their protection. Survey shows that safety shoes protects from fatal accidents which happens in every industrial and construction environment. Protect your employees with right Safety shoes so that it will not come back and haunt you in future. You leave us the worry of supplying the right quality shoes for your employees. We make sure your employees feet is protected from all risks arisen from industrial environment. So be safe think wisely and act immediatly, buy the best safety shoes and protect your working environment.

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