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MV Shoes

We MVShoes are one of the leading Steel Toe Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India offering robust, sturdy, great looking, flexible, reliable and affordable safety shoes for your Industrial needs. We know the importance of safety shoes and how it can save you from hazardous industrial environment where accidents are common. So protecting your feet is paramount from these heavy items which can be done easily by wearing our Steel Toe Safety shoes. We have huge production facility which can handle your bulk requirements with ease. We currently producing more than 5000 pair of shoes per day. We are ready to expand our production according to our requirements.


Our vision is to offer high quality safety shoes at affordable cost. So that even poor workers can afford them for their safety needs.


We have a friendly team of professionals who have decades of experience and exposure in handling complex requirements of heavy industries and offering them solutions for their unique requirements. We have clients all over the globe who are satisfied with our shoes and are recommending us to their friends and relatives. Being in the Industrial shoe industry for more than fifteen years we gain valuable experience in working with different companies and we are ready to part those experience when people come to us for their Safety shoes requirements.

Choose the Best shoes suiting your environment

Every industry is different and posses different risks factors for their workers. So choose the best protective gears to defend the risk factors lurking in your working environment.

If you are confused in choosing the right Industrial Steel Toe Safety shoes do call us, we are ready to help you in finding the right shoes for your requirements. We will analyze your working environment and suggest you the best shoes to be worn in your industrial environment

Light Weight Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Our Steel toe safety shoes are light weight so you can wear it for longer durations without any problem . It is easy to wear, flexible and durable. We use high grade steel to protect your feet from any hazardous materials. We make sure that shoes are light weight so that there would not be a problem in movement. We carefully choose the right materials which are light weight as well as sturdy to protect your feet. We are one of the leading light weight steel toe safety shoes manufacturers in india offering affordable as well as creative designed shoes for your industrial use.


We clearly understand that quality is paramount in Safety shoes so we strictly follow international quality standards from choosing the right quality materials to manufacture the safety shoes. We never compromise on quality offering cheap products, we know the importance of quality in safety shoes industry.

For your safety shoes requirements do email us at or call us at +91 93600 55099