Composite Toe Safety Shoes Manufacturer

MV Shoes

We MVShoes are one of the leading composite toe safety shoe manufacturers in India offering world class, premium range safety shoes at affordable cost. We are a two decade old safety shoes manufacturing company with firm focus to deliver high quality products to our customers. Our composite toe safety shoes are reliable, flexible and durable with an affordable price tag.

Poly carbonate casing for protective toe cap

We use high quality, flexible and light weight Poly carbonate casing for the protective toe cap to protect your toes. When compared with steel toe cap, the light weight, flexible poly carbonate casing is equally strong with better reliability and flexibility. Composite toe caps are less conductive than steel so that it keeps your feet warmer in winter. Our light weight safety shoes are creatively designed to look great on your feet. The rubber sole is slip resistant to prevent slipping.

Advantages of Composite Toe safety shoes

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