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MV SHOES offers a wide range of school shoes for all ages. For age group of 4 - 19 we have specially designed and developed the Classmate brand that meets the needs of this more fashion-conscious age group, combined with the reassurance of whole and half sizes, multi fittings and superior quality for which MV Shoes is renownes.

MV Shoes has a complete range of schools uniform shoes in black,brown as well as white colors. It is available in various models like velcro closure, laces and removable straps for both boys and girls. The MV school shoes are available in various sizes to ensure the correct fit for your children.

Double Density sole

Double Density and double color sole the latest trends in footwear industry. This technology consists of the use of two materials of different consistency to make the sole: one high density material for outsole, which provides stiffness and stablity for the foot; a second low density material(softer) is used for the midsole, which provides flexiblity and comfoer.

In both cases, the physical and mechanical properties of the materials are excellent and the final product achieves high durablity, resistance and comfort levels. Slip resistant: Modern outsole design with unique cleats offers protection against any slips.

MV schools shoes are 50% lighter than comparable shoes,making them a very comfortable & suitable choice for your children, without compromising on quality. Plus the MV School shoes features a grooved outsole for increased grip and are complete with a soft upper, touch and close strap,Cushioned ankle collar, Stitched detailing, Leather & Synthetic upper, Texttile inner lining materials favourably avoids heat generation. Affordable prize ranging it is no doubt the most loved choice of students as well as parents.

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